I'm one of those girls who has always loved back to school. Even now as I see Tar-jay running their back to school advertisements (too soon guys), I get a little excited. I love the thought of a fresh, brisk season. I love being organized. To me, 'back to school' is really more like a New Years Eve type situation. It's time to re-set. So obviously, to me that starts with food.

So many of my clients are busy. Like they start their days before dawn so they have time to work out, and always have something going on type busy. That means even though I really want to help them slow down, I do what's most helpful: find healthy recipes that are fast. Today I'm sharing 13 of my top picks for your 'back to school'. From breakfast on the run, snacks in the bag to dinner that can double as lunch the next day (rule of thumb: always add it over greens!), these options are gooooorgeous. Which means a more gorgeous, balanced you.

Disclosure: Foodie by MODE compensated me for this post. Which is awesome because seriously, what is better than finding amazing recipes to share with you all? It's what I do anyway! 

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