Want to know how to get yourself and others to eat more fruits and vegetables? Serve them in the most bad ass, cool way ever. There are honestly days where I'm eating produce straight from the bag or container in my fridge. Like, it doesn't even make it onto the plate because I argue... "It's just me, why bother?". Bother because plating something nicely makes the experience more enjoyable! Shouldn't most meals be experiences anyway? Making fruit serving healthy and easy is all about the final look. And it doesn't get easier than a cantaloupe boat with dragon fruit rounds. Also, I have nearly typed 'dragon balls' several times within the past thirty seconds. You're welcome for trying really, really hard to work around that. 

The great thing about this easy dish is that you have no dishes to do after, and it's portable so you can go outside in this glorious weather and eat. I am all about this non-humidity weather right now. You have to drag me inside. It's hydrating, filling, fiber dense and basically every wonderful healthy thing you can work into part of a healthy meal or snack. 

Healthy and Easy Fruit Serving: Cantaloupe Dragon Fruit Boats

Cantaloupe Dragon Fruit Boats

/// Ingredients ///

  • 1 cantaloupe (although reality: totally honeydew-able)
  • 1 dragon fruit
  • optional (fresh mint could be awesome)

Slice cantaloupe in half. Remove seeds. I've oddly found an ice cream scoop is perfect for this. Cut dragon fruit in half. Use a melon baller or teaspoon to make rounds. Fill cantaloupe with the dragon fruit or any other fruit mixture. Serve along side a yogurt parfait bar or just plain! 

Healthy and Easy Fruit Serving: Cantaloupe Dragon Fruit Boats

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