healthy waffle ice cream sandwich

When it comes to food culture, it doesn't get more rich (or crazy) that food in the South. From grits to okra and tomato sandwiches to sorghum I love it all. Unfortunately thanks to some well known people who shall not be named, Southern food has also been a tad besmirched and called 'unhealthy'. More than anything, thanks to the long growing seasons and fertile soil, Southern food mostly IS healthy! And one of my favorites. 

In college (in central Virginia mind you so this would be normal) I brought my grits along with me freshman year for breakfasts and my New Jersey/ Pennsylvania suite-mates were totally baffled. I specifically remember being asked "What is a grit?". Dying. Life without grits...ugh. But whether you know about grits or not, you probably do know a few other Southern staples: peaches, pecans, and waffles (Hence Waffle House and if you don't know WH or the culture of WH, please read this crazy article and get yo self educated real quick). 

But one other thing that comes from the South that I can't go without mentioning is Ms. Regan Miller Jones who helped nutrition professionals everywhere understand the importance of food photography. True story. When I worked with her at Healthy Aperture, which she created, very few health professionals understood that food photography was worth investing in and working on. And today is her birthday (see what 40 of us made to celebrate her 40th birthday at the link at the bottom of the post!).  All the more reason for a healthy waffle ice cream sandwich filled with greek yogurt peach ice cream and pecans. 

Healthy Southern Waffle Ice Cream Sandwich
Healthy Southern Waffle Ice Cream SandwichHealthy Southern Waffle Ice Cream Sandwich
Healthy Southern Waffle Ice Cream Sandwich
Healthy Southern Waffle Ice Cream Sandwich

Peach Ice Cream Waffle Pecan Sandwich 

/// Ingredients ///

  • Waffles (whole wheat, gluten free, home made, whatever! These are Trader Joe's whole wheat.)
  • Greek Yogurt, plain 0%
  • Frozen Peaches (fresh if it's in season)
  • Chopped Pecans
  • Honey (or sorghum) 

/// Directions ///

Add 1 C sliced, frozen peaches and 1 C to a food processor. Blend to get to an ice cream like consistency. If it starts to get gritty, add some skim milk to smooth it out. Scrape into a bowl. This will probably make enough for 3 sandwiches depending how much you pack them. For one person,  toast two waffles. Add peach ice cream and drizzle with honey. Spread to waffle edges and add top waffle. Roll the edges where the ice cream is exposed in pecans. Top with more peaches and honey if desired. 

Healthy Southern Waffle Ice Cream Sandwich

Happy birthday Regan. Thank you for everything you've done for nutrition professionals everywhere and for your guidance over the past few years!

Dietitian Nutritionist. My husband Chris and I create food and beverage photos, videos, stopmotions and recipes. And they're really cool.