Avocado ice cream

Someone recently posted a shirt that I clearly needed to wear for my social media talk for nutrition processionals the other week: "Avocados are trending". Next year shirt, you're mine, under a blazer to make it passably conference appropriate (And yes, you can totally get the shirt here and it's 20% off). Oddly, avocados, like quinoa and kale, are popular. Any mention of them in a recipe or on a menu usually makes it a consumer favorite. But this recipe for avocado ice cream (sit tight, it's real) isn't gimmicky at all. It's actually good! Even the husband gave it two thumbs up!

When I shared my avocado ice cream tasting experience with you all in Atlanta with Hass avocados, you asked for the recipe...so here it is! With a few tweaks and toppings on my part (I can't help it), you can pull this off without an ice cream maker today!

Avocado ice cream

Avocado Ice Cream

recipe via Hass Avocados, with a few minor tweaks 


  • 2 ripe fresh avocados, peeled 
  • 1 L half and half
  • 1 c sugar
  • 1 oz honey
  • fresh mint
  • lime zest

/// Directions /// Warm half and half, sugar and honey in sauce pan. Scoop avocado from skin, removing pit and dice flesh. Blend with liquid in blender until smooth. If you have an ice cream machine, use it to finish per machine instructions. If you don't (me), put it in a big ziplock bag and mush it around in the freezer every half hour or so. Once it freezes into chunks, put it back in a blender or wait for it to thaw a little before scooping. Top with mint and lime zest.

Avocado ice cream

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