I have this sickness where I never like to make things easy on myself. Oh, you're buying a house? Not moving into a new neighborhood- we're renovating a 1800's home. You want to be a dietitian nutritionist? Not getting a 9-5 hospital job- I'm opening a business. What can I say, I like an unintentional challenge. That same theme carries over to recipes I make! I like to think of ingredients in unexpected ways, which is why I now have a recipe for a zucchini cocktail.

In my ongoing partnership with Swooned, I've done beet cocktails (one with ginger, one as a red velvet cake milkshake) and now we've got the zucchini. So don't say no to those bundles of veggies your neighbors are leaving on your doorstep! Get to mixing. 

Zucchini Cocktail

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