I'm an efficiency junkie. There is nothing I love better than to be able to complete a task at the same time as or using the same product as another task. For years I relied on pen and paper to-do lists. It was fine but I either would forget to bring them with me when I went out or I just hated how messy they ended up looking mid-day and couldn't even read off of them any more. Eventually I moved to creating a kind of grid system to-do list for day must do's vs could-do's vs week lists. And then I read about Todoist from Meg Biram's GSD column and realized it accomplished what I was TRYING to do all in one app, complete with project notes, sharing lists, reoccurring tasks, color coded projects....just try to contain yourself. It's amazing. 

The more I played with it, the more I realized the potential. Because I'm so task oriented, I started adding tasks to improve my health to the list. The big focus at first, was starting to drink enough water. After tweeting about it, Todoist told me they hadn't seen the app used like that before, so they asked me to write a guest blog. Which I happily did. Because I'm a Todoist addict. 

You can read my entire post for Todoist here and see other ways I use it to improve my health and how I recommend my clients use it for nutrition! 

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