Over the past few weeks I've found myself saying the same phrase over and over. And it's actually a phrase that has defined the way the husband and I have been eating for several years. We don't diet. We occasionally eat foods that someone who likes to define things in black and white terms might call 'bad foods'. But the thing is, I'm a dietitian nutritionist. I'm not going to eat toxic things that will harm my body. Why would my education and practice and what I believe in allow me to harm my own body or someone  I love? That's why we only eat the best if we are going to eat a 'splurge' food. In fact, I mentioned this phrase earlier in the week in relation to pizza! 

If you're eating a food that's not for health, it's a luxury for your body. Treat it like a luxury purchase. Buy quality. Buy the best. Don't settle for a knock off. Your health is not 'on sale'. 

Which leads me to the ice cream we will honest to goodness, cross state lines for, pay a premium price and will be silent for a full ten minutes while we eat. Let's be honest: a rarity. 

The Best Ice Cream in the DC Area 
The Best Ice Cream in the DC Area 

Rocky Point Creamery is in a really obscure location. It's just past the Point of Rocks in Maryland next to the Potomac River, but before you get to the skeet shooting range (there's a Friday night for ya'). It's smack dab between Loudoun County, VA and Frederick, MD but on the way to every good antique store. 

This is an organic creamery with animals that get to do what cows do day in and day out. And the cows are where the ice cream comes from. While I could go on and on about little details like what the inside of the shop looks like, how busy it was or whatever,  I won't. That's not why I'm writing about this shop and everyone and their Mother wrote those kinds of reviews on Yelp. It's not cute inside. It's not trendy or hipster. But this doesn't matter at all. Just wipe it from your mind because it's the ice cream you're here for. 

Yes, I know this ice cream is expensive. For a single scoop in a cone it's about $4. For two people you're probably spending about $15. I know you can go buy three gallons at the grocery for that price. But the taste and texture of this ice cream is worth the price to me. This ice cream isn't dense. It's creamy and light and the flavors are great. As a cookies and cream kind of girl, there is the perfect amount of cookies in this cone. They don't skimp. And the cone. THE CONE. It's amazing. It's not a vessel. It's crisp and perfect and seasoned.

The Best Ice Cream in the DC Area 

There is no shortage of flavors at the creamery. In fact, way more than I expected. I saw coconut, watermelon, banana pudding, s'more....I need to go back and test beyond my cookies and cream order. 

Pure joy in a cone. If you're in the DC area take a day this weekend, nab a cone go antiquing and hit the vineyards. Enjoy! 

Dietitian Nutritionist. My husband Chris and I create food and beverage photos, videos, stopmotions and recipes. And they're really cool.