Time is flying by! It's been too many days since I posted a full, glorious recipe on Healthfully Ever After. Last week I had three guest blogs where my recipes and posts were on other sites, but it's time to bring it back home. It's been a wonderfully full few weeks that included a SCOUT magazine launch party, a tour with the North East Beef Association, and working on a talk for next week. I also hinted at some exciting news (lots actually but not all fully revealed) which you may have caught on my Instagram. Here's what you need to know as of right now:

1. I joined the CCM Street DC office. I'll do a full post on this and the bad ass women entrepreneurs who also part of the studio, but I am SO excited to have a Georgetown (DC) office with inspiring office mates!

2. I signed my papers for a wedding studio in Middleburg. This office is all weddings, all the time. Middleburg Events Studio is full of amazing wedding professionals like Holly Chapple, who did my wedding flowers. Again, stay tuned for a full post on this but YES two new offices! 

Bacon Plum Salad 

WHEW! On to the salad.....If you don't like salad you're doing it wrong. I'm half kidding when I say this. I totally understand some people just don't like lettuce, but really, salad has so many possibilities. You know how I feel about the importance of 'confetti' in a salad or veggie dish. It has to have interest or you won't eat it. The confetti in this salad is the perfect blend of acidic (plums and lemon) with creamy (goat cheese) and umami (um BACON). They all work together to create a harmonious greens based dish. 

Bacon Plum Salad 
Bacon Plum Salad 

Plum Salad with Lemon Pepper Dressing

/// Ingredients ///


  • mixed spring greens
  • goat cheese
  • local maple cured bacon, crumbled
  • stanley plums, halved


  • 3 T olive oil
  • 2 T balsamic vinegar
  • juice of 1/2 lemon
  • salt and black pepper

/// Directions /// Add dressing ingredients to a bottle with a lid and shake-shake-shake! Plate greens and top with crumbled cooked bacon, plums and goat cheese crumbles. Go heavy on the greens! You'll want to eat so much lettuce with this blend. 

Here's to a delicious and zen weekend! 

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