Happy Friday! I had an amazing week where Wednesday the husband and I caught a mid day National's baseball game (where we won in an amazing fashion) and then walked to dinner at the nation's best restaurant: Rose's Luxury (seriously. Read about it). LIFE CHANGING FOOD. They don't take reservations. People like up an hour plus before it opens to get a table (seriously an hour before on a Wednesday, we got there and there were already 10 people ahead of us in line). All I can say is GO. Do whatever you have to do to make eating there your priority. I'm not going to be one of those people that says 'It's rated #1 so it's the best'. Except that it literally is the best meal I've eaten in years and the atmosphere and the staff are phenomenal. You can see me gush about it on Instagram here, here and here. Also, please get the warm pork and lychee salad.

Needless to say, that was my priority over posting two videos for you guys this week. Sorry-bout-it. You get one.


Healthiest and worst salads at Sweetgreen/how to build a healthy salad: I had filmed this once before a few weeks ago and it was lost (ugh) but I'm actually glad it was because it now coincides with an article I was quoted in for Washingtonian magazine's blog. Read the full article and watch the video


  • I wore my Jack Rogers for the first time this year. So I'm feeling tropical. Which is why I need this bad ass pineapple ring.  Let me also back up for a second to talk about the sandals. I've had this pair for over 6 seasons and they're still in great condition. It's worth it. Stop buying the shit Old Navy rubber ones and just take the plunge.
  • Dropbox now has a COMMENTING FEATURE. YES. So efficient. If you feel like your computer is getting maxed out on space, yes, it is worth it to get the upgraded space.
  • So there's this thing called a Lyre Bird and it mimics construction noise. I am blown away how good the mimicry is. Watch this video.  Favorite part: minute 1 where it imitates a hammer.
  • Instagram @ImLauraMiller. Her entire feed is her wearing food. It's amazing. 
  • A few months ago I read this book called The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up  and I like what the author was getting at. It's a little weird (especially when she talks about rolling your socks a certain way to relax them) but I support what she's saying: get rid of the shit you don't need. Only keep what you love. Tidy up and respect your home every day. When Upperlyne posted the big picture on the book the other day, I had to share it with you. 
  • What if you could form a habit with the help of a little robot thing called MOTI? Read about MOTI. Would you use it? 
  • DYING. THIS VIDEO. "Inception as told by Mom" is so hilarious. If you've ever had your parents or grandparents inaccurately explain something you will love this. He has a few other videos where friends of his try and explain movies they've never seen and the way this guy pieces together the videos and illustrates them... Just go watch it! 
  • Prepare to have your entire hour distracted because once you go on "How Old?" and upload photos you can't stop. You will go through every picture you own to get it analyzed. Through facial analysis, Microsoft developed software to determine the age of the people in the photo. My 85 year old grandma constantly passes for 60 something and I had a friend in her 20's keep getting 75. It is HILARIOUS. Also unsettling if they get your age wrong and you'll agonize about it. 

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