Sometimes there are shops, virtual or brick and mortar, that you walk into and make you feel happy. Something about the layout, the lighting and the products totally jive with what you crave in life at that moment. Maybe you're craving simplicity, white space and order or maybe what you want is everything sparkles, coziness and color. A happy store is different to everyone, but right now I want to share Moorea Seal which is my ridiculous-how-did-I-not-know-about-you store.

moorea seal audrey glasses, black classic frames with gold

Moorea Seal is a home and accessories store that is in the simple yet stylish vein. They play with a lot of neutrals and metallics as well as natural materials like pottery and linen. They're a small store, rounding up the best of artisans that fit the aesthetic.  The prices are insanely good and very high quality AND the donate a certain percentage of what they make to non-profits. You can even shop specifically by cause. I'll admit I was skeptical to see things that I LOVED for such a good price, but as soon as I opened the package (black tissue paper included) I was deeply enamored. 

For my first purchase ('cause let's be real, I'll be putting in another order at some point), I went with the Audrey sunglasses and the gold peg bracelet. The Audreys are a classic wayfarer style with black frames and dark lenses...but they also have gold sides. And they rock. They don't feel fragile at all! And best of all, they don't bump my cheek bones like most glasses do! (Side note- I went to go link to these glasses, saw the third picture....she looks super familiar : )...)

moorea seal gold peg simple bracelet 

The gold peg bracelet is so, so cool. I have been wearing a Caribbean hook bracelet every single day since my 16th birthday barring surgeries or airport security lines, and this has a similar feel. I love the 'lock in' mechanism that gives a nod to my daily bracelet. While it is slightly bigger on my wrist than my personal preference, it's not 'bangle' style that falls all over the place. The finish is gorgeous and after daily wear for a few weeks, it still looks amazing. The bracelet I'm wearing is currently sold out, but they do have a Chevron version.  

Update: This morning I got a coupon code for 10% off. Go figure! NEWYEAR10 -enjoy!

Now that I've shared my 'happy store', where are you shopping that speaks to you?

///Disclosure: Moorea Seal did not send me product, ask me to write this or in any way send vibes to do so. I just like the store and I think you will too!///


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