Tory Burch and Fitbit partnership

What is it that companies don't get? When you make health and fitness stylish, you're going to attract a whole new customer base. And when you make it pretty and wearable, new customers are going to ask the wearer what it is and where it's from. Marketing 101 and TB/Fitbit nailed it! I'm pretty darn excited and can't wait to see the final product...and maybe wear it! Can you imagine the outfit post link: Bracelet slash fitbit?

Just a little nutrition bite before the weekend:

Don't you love it when health has a beautiful marriage with style? I couldn't help but share the news that Fitbit, the fitness tracker, announced a partnership with fashion icon Tory Burch this week. When I originally saw the link this morning on Carly's blog, I was definitely doing a happy dance.  Wedding Wellness Brides will LOOOOVE this!

Tory Burch Fitbit

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