Closet Staple Pantry Staple is back and we are catching up on two months worth of my favorite foods and clothes that carry over as staples from month to month. I think my favorite thing from this month is this fall black hat. Guys I cannot even tell you what a great purchase this was. The husband made the recommendation and I hemmed and hawed (JK I straight said no) because I'm just not a hat girl. I only have my baseball cap from Polo that is now perfectly worn in (literally a decade old) that I refuse to get rid of. But then I found this hat for under $40 and I figured...what the heck? Small risk. 

And then I got it in the mail and I am IN LOVE. There is something about this hat that makes me so happy and makes me feel really put together. And also makes people stop me on the side walk. Probably my favorite one was when I was walking into the DC Department of Health and the security guard (huge dude) was like "GIRL, YOU ARE WORKIN THAT HAT!". And I was like... right on...right on. *Keeps hat forever*

Closet Staples:

Pantry Staples:

  • bananas: convenience food 
  • carrots: literally every base of every soup I make in the fall. Also perfect on a party platter.
  • persimmons: add interest to salads or cheese platters.
  • hard boiled eggs: when I don't feel like cooking but need a healthy snack or breakfast. 
  • coffee: to keep the crazy fueled. #BossLife

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