Attention J. Crew lovers (hand raised!): J. Crew Factory stores are having 50% off. I stopped in my local store to see if any of my staples were there and see if I could fill any of the holes in my wardrobe. Below I've posted my top picks for this sale. Most are classics, some I went home with and one is just a crazy fun piece I've been on the look out for during the past year. Hint...there's glitter.

1. Tailored Shift Dress: This is one of my current closet staples (in grey). I absolutely love it. It has pockets. It's perfection, and if you see me at a conference, chances are I have it on at some point. Verdict: Closet Staple, Have It

2. Wear To Work Navy Cap Sleeve: I tried this on and really almost bought it. It fits like a dream. I love the texture. The only reason I didn't leave with it is because I honestly do have enough structured dresses. Verdict: Didn't Need It 

3. Optic Dot Shift Dress: I wrote about this dress before. I think it's adorable! But when I tried it on, it just doesn't fit right on someone with a more hourglass figure. I really wanted it to work, but I refuse to buy something that isn't just right. I love the heavy drape of this almost canvas fabric. If you have a more boyish figure, pleeeease buy it.  Verdict: Wrong Fit 

4. Chambray Popover Tunic: I live in popovers during spring and summer and under sweaters in fall. I have yet to 'do' the chambray thing, so here we go.  The reason I bought it (besides it being a cut I know I love), is I've found I need neutral, put together but casual tops for food styling and photo shoots. Think about when you see a shot with people using their hands. Verdict: Staple, Bought It

5. Optic Dot Mini: I wanted to try this on in the store, but they didn't have it. I think this may have been a good way for me to get that same feel of the dress, but with a  better cut for me.  Verdict: Unknown 

6. Black Sequin Skirt: I have been on the hunt for a sequin skirt or dress for over a year. But all of them were either too cheap looking, too bright in color (I would never end up wearing it), too expensive...but J. Crew had one women's black sequin skirt, in my size, and I love it. Verdict: Bought It

7. Pencil Skirt: Have this, love it. If you need a pencil skirt, buy it. Verdict: Closet Staple, Have It

8. Chino Shorts: Have these, love them. Bought more last season. I have them in basic colors (navy, back) but also crazy bright bluet, etc. Verdict: Closet Staple, Have It

8. V Neck Sweater: I absolutely love these sweaters and have then in a few colors. The v neck is great for me and makes me look taller (short torso!). Verdict: Closet Staple, Have It


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