I unintentionally completed my holiday outfit shopping to round out my closet staples for the season. Before a meeting at a restaurant in my local mall, I had some time to kill. I promptly swung into Ann Taylor and LOFT, both of which I've recently discovered are MY STORES. They both have an excellent petite section (this is news to me but if you're 5'4" and under you're petite...which explains SO MUCH. Like why shirts always felt long between my shoulder and the arm hole.). They both have a good mix of trendy but in very classic ways. It's my jam. Anyway, I have a really good knack for hitting the stores when they happen to be marking down product and they're all still on sale! Nailed it. I'm the Ann Taylor whisperer. These three things are what I came home with:


1. Ann Taylor Leather Trim Crepe Blouse in Navy Blue: One hole I felt I had in my closet staple wardrobe was a blouse. Super flowy blouses are a big no-no on my body. If you're busty and wear a flowy blouse, I hate to break it to you, but you look pregnant. This blouse has enough structure and fit mixed with a light breezy fabric to fit that need. In classic navy with a trendier leather trim, it almost feels equestrian. I can get down with that.

2. LOFT Piped Shirt Dress: After purchasing a more casual knit sweater dress from J. Crew last year I realized I really wanted more casual-y dresses to throw on. Dresses are easy. You look really put together without a ton of effort. The piping really makes this dress stand out. With the cinched shirt dress waist, it looks amazing. 

3. Ann Taylor Crepe Wrap Top in Emerald: This purchase fits in the blouse type category but also fit another need I had in my closet. After talking with my CCM office girls about updating my head shots, we talked about how jewel tones were a good option for my complexion and coloring. Which kind of surprised when I looked in my closet and realized I had a whole lot of black, white, navy and camel going on....not jewel tones. If I had to pick another color in my life, it's green which really makes my eyes pop. 

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