Every girl needs a blazer, and in my world it's a navy blue blazer. I hate to say it, but this lovely J.Crew number sat seriously under-used in my closet for about a year before I grew to love it. Since you know I believe in closet purging to leave only the things you really love and wear as well as investing in staples…why wouldn't I be wearing this!? One word: hair.

Back in 2012 when I had my hair the shortest it's ever been (a chin length angular bob) I felt like a more structured menswear inspired piece made me…well, less feminine! Maybe it was because I bought the jacket as a requirement for my Dietetic Internship (where I definitely had my share of stress and lingering bad memories), but even post-internship I couldn't manage to walk out of the house with it on. I not only felt kind of boyish, but I didn't feel like a blazer was who I was: The intern who shunned the traditional route of 9-5 hospital/cubicals. So whether it's the longer, curled hair or if I'm just embracing a more simple, stress-free style and myself and way of life in 2014, the blue blazer is a Carlene closet staple. 

blue jcrew blazer

J. Crew has an amazing selection of blazers for women that are not boxy 90's looking in the least.  But I think the irony of this outfit is that I chose to pair it with a men's sweater underneath. Go figure. They really do have the best men's pull over sweaters though.... This is not my only one. 

blue silk scarf
black quilted chain purse

Outfit: Blazer: J Crew// Sweater: J Crew Men's //  Pants: Old Navy // Boots: Macgyver (no longer sold),similar // Bag (similar)// Scarf: vintage // Earrings: Marc Jacobs//


Has your haircut ever stopped you from wearing a certain piece of clothing??

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