This week's Four Favorites series is what I'm loving this January. Let me just start by saying, you can win $5000 to Williams-Sonoma..... 


1. My J.Crew Heather Rain-boots:'s been kind of a slushy and wet January. And because we don't have the yard fenced in that means I have to take the hound outside in the morning. And being a hound, he must sniff everything. EVERYTHING. We're outside for a long time so boots are a must. Although they don't make my model of boots anymore,  there are still oodles of options available (image via Southern Charm

2. My Partnership with Williams-Sonoma: Oh, so you want to win $5,000 to Williams-Sonoma? Big yes. This month we partnered to give you lots of wedding registry options that make for a healthy kitchen. And all of the options are under $100. Most are under $50! But the big news is that you can win cash for your own registry.

3. A Pretty Workspace: Wherever you are working, it needs to be clean, organized and have a little pretty going on. While I'm not in my 'forever' work area right now due to renovations, I know I need pens and markers, iPhone/Pad/Laptop chargers and something pretty. No flowers right now, but I do have a compote dish of antique porcelain figs.  (Original image by Emily Faulstich

4. A Black Kate Spade Handbag: Yes, I admit it. This material object brings me great joy but because of that I know I did make the right purchase. 

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