I just learned about the Four Favorites link up and had to incorporate it into Healthfully Ever After. Each week, lovely links will now morph into the Wednesday Four Favorites complete with something shiny and otherwise enjoyable. Be sure to check out other blogger four favorites at the bottom of the post!


1. Gold Glitter Globe Clutch: Does anyone remember the water and glitter filled tubes from their childhood? You would just constantly turn them over and over to watch the glitter cascade. This clutch is exactly like that. But fancy. 

2. Essie Borrowed and Blue Nail Polish: We all know how in love I am with nail polish. This was, in fact, a major bonding point during my clinical dietetic internship experience with the other girls. Right now I have Tiffany Blue on the nails. It's not unusual to have them painted plum either. But this light blue is so sweet looking and light for spring. Also, love the name Essie.  

3. Agate Marbled Balloons: It's not a party without balloons! While there's nothing more chic than big round balloons in a single color, but these marbled black balloons are something special. 

4. Furbish Dalmatian Spot Pillow: I love leopard print. I have leopard shoes that I, quite honestly, consider a neutral print. But this Dalmatian print is something different and less busy. I rarely see this in the 'animal print' world, but I would love this on a couch. 

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