It's funny how so many Mother's Day gift guides include the same items...regardless of the Mom. Scarf/cardigan/sunglasses/tennis bracelet...And to be honest, if I bought my Mom any of those things she would hate them. She would never tell me that to my face, but those gift guides just don't apply to her. She loves gardening, obscure craftsman jewelry and colonial era antiques...and anything calligraphy. Artsy Mom would rather  sky dive than be gifted a matching pendant and earring set from whatever retailer. I think I would rather do that than give that gift anyway.

That being said, all Moms love brunch so you can't go wrong there. Most Moms love chatting with their kids. And all kids throwing a brunch love to serve a variety of doughnuts with coffee. Whether or not you add liquor to your coffee is up to you. 

Friday Fete How to....Mother's Day Brunch

Serve doughnuts of all shapes, colors and sizes from these Gluten Free Canteen pomegranate banana doughnuts to the small cinnamon doughnut holes via Notes on a Party.  Coffee is crucial through the retelling of how out of control you were...slash a child. Have plenty of seating and toss together a bouquet with something unexpected, like small apples on branches. Rock some floral pants with a print top and pile on the stacks. Bring a spacious tote like the Coach Legacy Candace Carry All so you can sneak in your Mothers Day gift and card and hide it somewhere cute. 


Shop the fete inspiration below /// What are you doing this Mother's Day? 

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