urrently painting my nails....in Dreamer by Revlon. I love Essie's Borrowed and Blue. When I went to the store and browsed the nail polish section, that particular Essie was not to be found...but Revlon had this color on sale. And I love it. My Instagram blew up from bewildered friends for my betrayal of Essie. But I'm defending Revlon here. For $3 it's a gorgeous color that looks great on medium/light skin and probably even better as summer continues.

Currently drinking...iced coffee from my Starbucks hack recipe mixed with Teeccino in mocha. Teeccino is a blend of orgnic herbs, grain, fruit and nuts that are roasted and ground to taste like coffee. Since Teeccino sent me the product to try, I wanted to find a way it would work for me. It gives my normal French Roast a nice undertone of flavor when I mix the two, so I add less sugar. While I will never give up my coffee for it, (everrrr) it may be something for you if you are a floral tea person. 

urrently reading....Martha Stewart Living. It's probably the one magazine I will read absolutely cover to cover and dog ear page after page. It's worth picking up for the summer recipes!

Currently listening to.... an audio book about Google and A Little Party Never Killed Nobody nd No Church in the Wild which are from the Gatsby soundtrack. 

Currently watching...Gatsby in theaters and a documentary called Herb and Dorothy. The husband and I went to go see Gatsby on Friday and it did not disappoint. It's a beautiful movie in terms of the costumes and the crowd party scenes. Leonardo Dicaprio was the perfect Gatsby. Toby Maguire who plays Nick the narrator is annoying to me. He's like the male version of Anne Hathaway. (Side note: Multiple people I've talked to agree that there are two categories of people. Those who love Anne Hathaway and those who just don't like her and are bothered by some sort of unknown mannerism or vibe she exudes. Second side note...I respect her as an actress and person but I'm in the second category. )

Herb and Dorothy is a really fascinating movie if you like art. t's about the couple who are behind the largest and most important collection of contemporary art in the world. Herb and Dorothy are a retired librarian and postman. Completely normal people who somehow had an eye for amazing artists at the start of their careers. Now their collection is housed in the National Gallery of Art. Oh, and they didn't sell it. They donated it. 

Currently seen in....

Two things: Did you see Gatsby? hich category of Anne Hathaway person are you?

Disclosure note: Teeccino sent me product but did not compensate me for writing about them. pinions are very much my own

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