Currently fixing....everything? This week I had the pleasure of my Mac book crashing as well as my car breaking down. Downside: This Mac was purchased in November after my old one crashed. Two crashes in less than a year...this time a 'solid state fail that happens for no reason at all'. Upside: My documents were saved to iCloud and I only had a few months worth of files I lost. It's spring cleaning.

Downside: Hilda, the VW, died en route to shop the Memorial Day sales. Upside: Hilda died within sight line of an Auto Zone and the handy husband fixed my car after walking to auto zone with a $30 part. 


Currently...enjoying the peonies. While the backyard isn't ready for plantings yet, I'm enjoying the peony bush my parents are 'plant sitting' for me. We also just purchased lime light hydrangeas which are a stunning white/green. 

Currently... making rosemary pretzel bites. I may be one of the few people who actually end up doing the projects/recipes they see on Pinterest. This was an immediate 'must' for me. These pretzels are so easy to make...and you don't need to make them pretzel shaped. 


Currently loving this idea...That I used at a corporate wellness event. For a healthy apple pie, and kick ass breakfast, core an apple, fill with granola and a sprinkle of brown sugar and bake until soft. So delicious.

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How was your holiday weekend? 

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