If there's a market that is flooded with product, it's the 'healthy crunchy snack' market. All of the food shows I attend and products that are sent to me as a blogger/dietitian prove it. Yet there are a ton of products that are a total mirage. They're not healthy at-freaking-all and I hate that they are marketed in a 'health halo' that tricks my clients.  

So, it's pretty safe to say I harbor some healthy skepticism about some snacks, but when The Good Bean sent me samples, I became head over heels in love. The Good Bean crafts roasted chickpeas seasoned in flavors like cracked pepper or cinnamon. The are crunchy and filling, thanks to the fiber and protein, which makes them an honest to goodness, healthy-beauty-food snack. 


While nuts are one of my recommendations of choice for clients, sometimes my favorite ladies need a lower fat snack (Nuts ARE healthy, but too much is not.). The Good Bean is a really good choice as a nut replacement. They are also absolutely packed with folate which is an amazing beauty nutrient. 


Here are some Good Bean fast facts that sell me:

  • as much fiber as 2 cups of broccoli
  • as much protein as an egg
  • as much folate as 3 cups of spinach

The company also sells a fruit and 'no nut' bar which are equally delicious. It's one of the only bars on the market that actually tastes like the components. You can easily pick out the pepitas and apricot flavor amid the chickpeas.

kay, enough fawning from me. I highly recommend these snacks. See if a store near you carries them with this Good Bean locator. 

Have you tried them? Are you seeing a ton of healthy crunchy snacks?


Disclosure: This product was sent to my for free. I was not compensated for writing this review. It's 100% my opinion. These were delicious.

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