How your skin, hair and nails look are all highly dependent on what you eat. Seriously. When people ask me about my hair or my skin, it's diet. I mean, I would throw nails in that list too but, do other people compliment the structural integrity of a stranger's nails? I kind of hope not. That being said, I can use absolute bottom of the barrel beauty products and be okay if my eating habits are on point. I hesitate to admit this but last time someone asked about my  hair care routine on, it included Suave shampoo and conditioner. That'll run you a solid $3 total (I'm imagining Dave, my hair architect, having a heart attack right now). So... Now I'm not saying genetics don't play a role (They do! And quality products do too...), but what you're putting in your body makes a big difference. That's what these 10 recipes are all about: how you can make smarter choices where nutrients work for you and your beauty routine. Think of it as the ultimate getting ready in the morning life hack. 

In the latest YouTube video I mention 6 of my favorite beauty booster foods but there are several more! Here are 10 of my favorite Healthfully Ever After recipes that contain those 6 foods. Want to see more? Check out my interview with BRIDES magazine. 

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What makes a food a beauty booster?

  • Healthy fats like nuts, avocado, salmon and olive oil help to hydrate. Eating healthy fats is a major part of luxurious locks and a top layer of protection. Add it into your daily routine by sautéing foods in olive oil or swapping mayo for mashed avocado. 
  • Iron from sources like spinach and beef helps to increase blood flow to cells. That means a healthy glow and a healthy scalp for better hair, and better cells all over.
  • Biotin, and all B vitamins, are amazing for hair and nails. A diet low in biotin can show itself when you have lank locks. Eggs and fortified cereals are two easy ways to add it to your diet. But one of the richest sources of biotin is organ meats like liver and kidneys. You can score other B vitamins in whole grains and meats.
  • Foods like beans, meats, quinoa, eggs, dairy and tofu complete the picture with protein. A protein deficiency can be manifested with weak, dry and unhealthy hair. Protein is also important for building new cells. And don’t be fooled by old ways of thinking: vegans and vegetarians can still get plenty of protein in their diet! 
  • Food like berries, sweet potato, broccoli, greens, green tea and dark chocolate all contain antioxidants. They fight against free radicals that come from the sun, air pollutants and stress ( so keep your cool when wedding planning!).
  • Foods that have a high water content like cucumber, berries and of course, water itself, keep your cells hydrated so they can function properly. That means faster cell turnover for radiant skin and plump cells so you your skin doesn’t look dry and dull.
  • Foods like citrus, kiwis and berries specifically provide the antioxidant vitamin C. They are super important for not only battling free radicals, but also giving your skin a strong structural network underneath.

10 Beauty Booster Recipes: Click to be redirected to the full recipe!


Tips to sneak in more beauty foods every day:

  • top your salad with olive oil based dressing
  • toss all vegetables you’re roasting in olive oil 
  • use mashed avocado as a sandwich spread
  • have nuts as a snack
  • opt for a spinach salad
  • add spinach to a sandwich
  • add spinach or greens to a smoothie
  • sauté spinach and have it with eggs in the morning
  • take your water bottle with you everywhere
  • sip green tea as a late night ‘snack’
  • make veggies the main meal with things like stuffed peppers 
  • veggie sticks instead of chips
  • grapefruit with breakfast
  • clementines for travel snacks

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