There's really no secret that I love Chobani Greek yogurt for everything from a smart snack to a sneaky fat replacement in baked goods. So when my friends at Chobani sent me a huge package of their latest flavors, it was like Christmas. And the UPS man was Santa. Maybe I really have been good this year after all. 


The latest flavors are really special-  not what you're used to seeing in the yogurt section (boring strawberry). Chobani took unusual flavors and add ins to make a really extraordinary product. And to me, that's one of the reasons they're hands down, the only yogurt I buy. That and they have a really serious and pure environmental ethical system behind them and they always keep me in the loop between what they're doing about GMO's, leftover whey and whatever is next.   

So on to my thoughts on the new products! Totally tropical this season....

  • The new 6 ounce flavors are amazing. I would never buy key lime or coconut on my own, but I've found they are two of my favorites! The other new flavors are orange vanilla, blackberry (0%) and apricot. I'm really head over heels for the coconut, key lime and apricot, but I wish they came in 0%...but in moderation, it's not a big deal at all!
  • Next up are the flips. If you're looking for breakfast on the go, definitely grab the Blueberry Power which has hemp seeds, chia and walnuts. For me, peachy pistachio fell short (just too much chocolate). Nutty for 'nana was pretty great, but Tropical Escape with a coconut base took the cake. 
  • Chobani Bites are totally genius. They're one of the snacks I recommend to clients because they're protein packed into 100 calorie sized containers. Both flavors, the honey with ginger and mint with chocolate chip knock it out of the park. Ginger is true raw ginger instead of the crappy powdered stuff you bake with. The mint version...holy ice cream. So good. 
  • Last in the line up were the Chobani Champion tubes. These aren't like the Gogurts you grew up with. There is no artificial dye- it's all vegetable and fruit juice concentrate to make the color. The new flavor in this kid's product is...dragon fruit!  To me, it just tasted like mixed berry, but what a nice change on the shelves. 

Have you tried any of the new flavors? What are you looking forward to? 


Disclaimer: The Cho-lks at Chobani sent me this marvelous package. We have a long term relationship and I buy their yogurt all the time because I love it. They didn't compensate me for writing this post. 

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