Chobani greek yogurt is a staple in my house. Seriously, if you see me at Wegmans, I always have 0% plain Cho in my cart. I love it because it's high protein, great for beauty nutrition and keeps you full. Picking up plain yogurt means I can use it as a sour cream or mayo replacement. But in the instance that I want a sweeter yogurt, I add fruit. And in the instance that I want chocolate, I go outside and get my calorie free chocolate mint leaves. 


The chocolate mint plant on my deck has a strong aroma every time you walk by. It's a piece of luscious emerald greenery that honestly smells like a more chocolatey peppermint patty. If you're craving something a little dessert like for a snack and are in need of a beauty booster, let me introduce you. Walnuts, strawberries and greek yogurt are all your friends.

Chocolate-Mint Strawberry Yogurt 


  • 0% Plain Chobani Greek Yogurt
  • Sliced strawberries
  • chopped walnuts
  • chocolate mint leaves

Directions: Slice strawberries and place over yogurt. Toss walnuts on top and bruise mint leaves to release flavor. 


Have you tried an unusual mint variety? I've seen everything from apple mint to pineapple mint...which clearly need to go into a cocktail. 

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