Currently attending... graduation for my little brother in Engineering. There are three kids in my family. We are all a year and a half apart in age and we all attended James Madison University for our bachelors of science degrees. The parents loved it because they only had to drive to one school for homecoming and someone could always drive the other kid to the emergency room.True story.

What to wear to graduation side note.... If you are graduating or attending a graduation in a stadium or on a field, your best bet is a sun dress with straps and either wedges or sandals. Why? You'll avoid looking naked in photos when you take off your gown and you will also avoid sinking into the ground or look drunk while you walk.  [What I wore: Dress: Black and White Floral Prabal Garung / Shoes: Jack Rogers Navajos in Platinum


Currently finishing up...the Making Things Happen 2013 class. We are now into the last phase of the class led by Southern Weddings editor Lara Casey, Emily, and Gina. It has been an awesome work group for clarifying business goals and getting support for your reach goals. My partner, Christina from Christina Leigh Events has been a huge help in pushing me to get there! Go congratulate her on winning the best wedding planner in the state of Oklahoma and the best new wedding planner in the city of Houston. 

Currently listening to...Botany of Desire by Michael Pollan. You would be surprised how much of an audio book you can get through in the car while running errands. Pollan works through the history of a few different plants and how they became their current selves. From the transformation of apples, to tulips and pot. Which was weird when I had the windows down at red light. You can watch a PBS special documentary online if that thrills you too. 

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Currently pondering... wellness culture. After attending the BHAC conference in Ohio, there has been one phrase that really stuck with me: Make wellness your culture. And as I do corporate wellness events these next few weeks for the spring rush, it's so cool to see what companies and campuses can do to inspire health. Does your business have fitness classes on site? Do you have access to a dietitian? I think we know that's kind of a big deal to me.  

Currently crushing... on the J. Crew Etta pumps. This shoe style has been out  for a while, but it's the shoe that haunts my mind. It's the perfect mix of sassy and sweet. It comes in a million colors and textures from glitter to snake skin, bows to cap toe but has a sturdy heel. Just look at this photo from J. Crew's tumblr. Heaven on a wood floor. And they're on sale right now. 

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Dietitian Nutritionist. My husband Chris and I create food and beverage photos, videos, stopmotions and recipes. And they're really cool.