The last FNCE event I attended before heading back South was the Chobani dinner. I was over the moon to be invited by Chobani for an intimate soiree at Supper in Philidelphia. Each course of the meal would include Chobani, complimented by the restaurant’s own farm produce. I know. Coolest. Weekend. Ever. It was wonderful to snag some time with dietitians Kara and Nikki of Chobani as well as a few of the other marketing sweeties. Amber and Allie, two wonderful RDs I chat with in the social media world, were also there in addition to some new acquaintances. Is it weird it felt normal to trade bites from the others’ plates? Nope.  Is it strange that we shared candles to help slightly improve the light quality of our mood lit restaurant Instagram shots? Absolutely not. Although I apologize for the dim photos below. I know we eat with our eyes.


 With a beautiful, long table and the restaurant to ourselves, we were presented the following menu:

‘Gather round the table. You’re in for a CHOmazing treat’

  • Smoked Blue Elephant Farms Beets: Chobani yogurt, pickled strawberry, pistachio, arugula
  • Freshly Baked Breads:Rosemary yogurt and extra virgin oil


  • Slow Roasted Lamb Shoulder:Marinated eggplant salsa, smoked yogurt budino salsa verde
  • Hot Smoked Scottish salmon:black bread crumble, horseradish yogurt, pickled vegetables, salmon roe
  • Harvest Vegetable Moussaka, yogurt béchamel


  • Frozen Walnut Yogurt with Honey and Pears

As we ate dinner, Kara told us the big news that Chobani has in store. Since Chobani has grown at an explosive rate over the past five years, they’re also getting ready to begin building the world’s largest yogurt production facility in middle America. Not only are they rolling out more flavors, but wait til you see the new products. All I can say is get ready for January and clear out your fridge.

The dinner was the kind of food I was dying to have while in town. Rosemary yogurt and olive oil is something I strongly suggest you recreate at home. Pick up a high quality oil like Chobani uses in their SoHo store to drizzle over the top. It is just the right amount of fat for flavor in a protein packed spread.

As a pescatarian, I opted for the salmon but had some of Amber’s veggie moussaka. The salmon was cooked to perfection where the fish is still moist, yet flakey. The horseradish was not overpowering and worked into a smooth light sauce. I would have literally purchased those pickles if I could. And the salmon roe? I’ve never had it before and all I can say is, not bad.

Dessert was awesome and lucky for you, Chobani is coming out with a pear flavored yogurt soon!

What would you love to see Chobani make?

Carlene Signature Block
Carlene Signature Block

Disclosure: Chobani invited me to this simply fabulous and unforgettable dinner gratis. They did not ask for anything in return. I just adore them.