On Valentine's day, this big box of Chobani goodness showed up on my doorstep. And for a dietitian, I will take Chobani over flowers any day. Back in the fall when I had dinner with the Chobani crew, they filled me in on some of these top secret releases. Let's just say I waited with baited breath for many, many weeks. Here are some of the new products for 2013 that you can now find in stores:

I always recommend Chobani to my clients because I know it's true Greek yogurt instead of the crappy Greek 'style' yogurt that many companies are trying to get away with. Other companies add things to the yogurt to get it to thicken instead of straining it in the traditional way. Chobani is packed with protein, probiotics and truly great flavors. There's nothing artificial about Cho.

While this first one isn't a 'new' product, Chobani added two new flavors to their line: pear and banana. Both are amazing. I would have never considered buying banana, but after this I'm in. It's not overwhelming. It's not artificial smelling or tasting. It's just right.

Chobani Bites are one of my favorite new products. These perfect snack sized containers (3.5 ounces) are only 100 calories with 8 grams of protein and NO artificial colors or junk. That's a ton, meaning you'll be full like a potato chip could never provide.  There are 4 Bite flavors including caramel pineapple, raspberry dark chocolate, coffee dark chocolate and fig orange. My box had the raspberry and coffee flavors. The husband officially staked his claim on the coffee and I stole the raspberry pack. They are out of this world amazing. I can't wait to try the fig version (we all know how obsessed I am with figs).

Let's move on to Chobani Flips. One side of the package contains yogurt while the other corner contains the  mix ins:separated to keep them crunchy and fresh. These have more sugar (added from the mix ins) than the other Chobani products, but both the husband and I agree, these are just right for dessert. Really. I would be satisfied with a Chobani flip over chocolate cake. When I saw key lime I knew this would be a good test. I do not like key lime or lemon meringue pies. And this turned me.  Love it. This product has just the right bit of savory from the yogurt with the sweet fruit or mix ins. I also think these are dessert appropriate because they have a higher fat content making them nice and creamy.

Last but not least, Chobani's kid line Champions rolled out go-gurt esque tubes. If you have minis running about, grab these! No spoons needed. After an initial taste, I froze the rest of the tubes to create this Chobani Popsicle. Not just for kids.

Have you tried these? What is your favorite? What do you want to see from Chobani next?

disclaimer: Chobani provided these products free of charge. Because they rock. I was not compensated for my opinions.