There's no going back to regular yogurt once you've gone Greek. The creamy and thick texture (plus the big protein increase!) makes it so much more enjoyable than a sad, watery yogurt. Since when did I become such a yogurt snob? While I've created my own frozen Greek yogurt deserts before, it does take time. When I met Yasso at Expo East last month, I was hooked. Yasso is a convenient and quick way to enjoy frozen Greek yogurt. With products like a creamy 70 calorie popsicle dessert, or a smoothie in a bag, it makes weight loss and smart eating for brides a cinch. Unwrap snack? Empty bag into blender? It doesn't get easier.

The first product I tried was the Yasso popcicles in blueberrry and strawberry (above). When I went to Wegmans to pick up a box, I was crushed to see they were sold out! I asked an employee who went to the back to hand over their last few boxes. He says they sell out all the time and can't keep it stocked fast enough. That's a pretty good public endorsement right there. The Greek yogurt stays soft and creamy, not icey and hard. The flavors are true, and you can smell them as you peel back the wrapper. With only 70 calories and a good source of protein, I'm thinking these are even a good snack!

 Next I tried the smoothies which come in a few flavors including berry and mango pineapple. Each bag contains a smoothie's worth of goodies.  I found it was too much for me, but great to split. Like you see on the bag (above), the smoothies have 8 grams of protein and 4 grams of fiber. You'll stay full with the protein and fiber combination and love the true fruit flavors. Just add milk!  Since the smoothies are all pre-portioned there are no excuses for a trashy snack. Everything is ready to go and time and convenience is what many brides site as a big hurdle to smart snacks.   The bag mixes yogurt cubes and frozen berries to create just the right proportions.    Then might not want to share the smoothie after all. I'm sold on Yasso for wedding wellness and beyond. Using berries and mango  are a good 'gorgeous skin' diet. These fruits are loaded with antioxidants and vitamin C which are crucial for fighting sun damage and supporting the taut structure of the skin.

Have you had Yasso? What do you think?



Disclaimer: Yasso and I connected at Expo East. They generously sent me these free products but did not compensate me for writing this glowing (and good for you) product review.

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