The drink market is totally saturated. (Excuse the pun.) So when Dasani told me they were rolling out a new flavoring product this fall, it wasn't a surprise. Being a dietitian, it's fairly obvious how I feel about sodas, juices with added sugar, and my intense dislike of diet supplement drinks. But this new product might be some thing to actually consider adding to your kitchen, especially if you are perpetually dehydrated .

Dasani Drops are concentrated flavors that you add to water on the go. They are the same concept as MiO by Kraft: you control the degree of flavor. Dasani Drops come in four concentrated flavors including pineapple coconut, mixed berry, strawberry kiwi and pink lemonade. The 1.9 oz bottles make 32 servings with zero calories (sweetened by sucralose).

Admittedly, the husband liked this product more than I did. I already have my favorite water flavoring agent based on infused real fruit and herbs. However, the hubs said this really made it easier to hydrate like he should be doing. The pineapple coconut was our favorite flavor while the pink lemonade remains virtually untouched. My main complaint about this product is the artificial coloring. I really try to avoid any unnecessary artificial ingredients and colorants in my mostly clean diet. Each flavor contains some degree of yellow, red 40 or other unnecessary 'decoration'.

There's also the possibility of cocktails with this. Add the flavoring to seltzer and pair with  vodka if you're not by a stocked bar cart. This product will be in stores very soon, so if you need hydration assistance, maybe Dasani Drops are for you.

Disclaimer: Dasani contacted me about this new product and provided samples for free. I did not receive compensation for writing this review. Opinions are my own.