Kale is a trendy vegetable. I'm not going to lie here, but when I'm in the grocery and I see you purchasing kale, I want to high five you. When people come up to me at social events ask if I've tried kale chips, I soak it up like a proud parent. Because as of two years ago, kale was virtually unknown to the public.

But now that we all know and love kale, it's time to scope out the next 'it' veggie. Meet micro kale. It's cute, it's mini and the recent study on microgreens showing they may have more nutrients than their macro counter parts,  is basically the best publicity you could get. Researchers found that microgreens had about 4-6 times as many nutrients as the mature plant

I first encountered micro kale at Expo East where it was being introduced by Micro Salad this summer. While I haven't seen it in stores in the DC area yet, I'm curious to see when they'll be released.

Micro kale is sweet and mild. It's the perfect pairing over salmon, on top of a baked sweet potato, or even on a sandwich. The vibrant leaves, usually less than 14 days old, make food chic since microgreens were only seen in private chef kitchens in the Hamptons. I'm glad microgreens are taking a vacation to normal kitchens soon.

Have you seen microkale around?



photo via micro salad