Happy 175th Tiffany. You all sure do look good for your age. Diamonds must do that for a girl...well, that and diet.  As a blue box love story, I have a special place in my heart for the company. In celebration of this big birthday, Tiffany's has a very cool feature in China right now that combines touch technology, photos, and a 'magic mirror' so you can try on the pieces, photograph and email them to your self.

So where does this fit into nutrition? I know when you read the title, you were just waiting for the next fad diet and hoping it involved wearing diamonds. But whether you're wearing diamonds while eating kale or while eating too many servings of dessert, it's still about what you eat. The Tiffany pavilion shows us that as humans, presentation and interactiveness is important. It shows us that we love feeling special.

So the next time we cook, the next time you eat, make it special. Is the reason you love a dessert at the restaurant because of the way it's plated? Pull out a pure white plate, decorate the top of your salmon with micro greens and pair it with a bright butternut squash. Healthy can be just as nice.

When was the last time you made your meal blue box worthy?