Have you seen this 'natural' zero calorie soda in the stores? Zevia kindly sent me a case of their product to test. The only problem? I can't test it because of one of the ingredients. Luckily, one has alternative testers at hand. The husband jotted down some of his thoughts on Zevia.

First, let me cover some of the ingredients. Zevia is zero calorie because it is sweetened with stevia extract, making it 300 times sweeter than sugar. It also contains the sugar alcohol erythritol...which is why I'm not telling you how it tastes.

And now some thoughts from the tester:

  • Being a graphic designer, he let me know there is a rebranding need in order. Something along the lines of 'cheap store brand soda alternative' was spoken. Zevia is such a good idea and needs natural, clean packaging. They're vegan friendly and zero calorie, but the packaging doesn't convey that ideal.
  • He appreciated the lack of a 'diet soda' claim, but that Zevia sold themselves as more of a lifestyle soda.
  • The stevia taste was noticeable yet not objectionable.
  • Grape soda made from white grape concentrate...not 'grape flavoring'! Unfortunately, you smell the grape more than you can taste it. Tester made the same note about the ginger ale.
  • Where are the Zevia original flavors and why are they using other brand favorites (eg. Mountain Zevia for Mountain Dew)? He compared every product to the original branded version. "It will never be the same product, ever". The man has a point.

I always appreciate healthier alternatives and if you're looking for a vegan, calorie free soda Zevia could be waiting for you. Have you tried it?



Disclaimer: Zevia provided a free sample of the product. These views are my/husband's own.