I have a new obsession: DRY natural soda. This product fits my usual preference list to a T. For example: I'm constantly suggesting people buy others a Soda Stream (in home water carbonator) for gifts. "Oh, she learned to parallel park? Get that girl a Soda Stream!".  That and I always order vodka seltzers or gin and tonics. I just love light, slightly fizzy drinks. But DRY natural soda goes so far beyond other beverages. With only four ingredients, each 12 oz bottle contains 45-70 calories, minimum sweetness, and a light fizz to let unique flavors like cucumber shine. The products were created by a woman who loved to pair wines with food (relatable), but once she became pregnant looked for non-alcoholic alternatives. Soda was too sweet, juice was overwhelming and so she filled a niche market. The founder continues her pairing practice with each soda suggestion for consumers (see below example).

 There are currently seven DRY soda flavors including: Wild LimeLavenderBlood Orange,RhubarbJuniper BerryVanilla Bean and Cucumber. Each kind has a flavor profile, food pairing recipe, and cocktail recipe. The suggestions are so well planned and a hostess's dream. For cucumber, DRY suggests mediterranean foods, salmon, eggplant, tandoori pork, and gazpacho. Making cocktails? Use gin, citrus vodka, and tequila.

 So where to find these fizzy gems? You can buy online, or try Wegmans and Whole Foods. But, there's no complete guarantee. I couldn't find DRY at Whole Foods near DC, but it easy to find at Wegmans. Search for retailers near you here. Drive as far as needed. This is a must try item.   Do you have a favorite new brand?


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