Inspired by the drive to Philly last week, here are some of my road trip must haves.


J Crew Leopard Scarf/ Ray Ban Aviators/ iPod/ Camelbak/ NPR's radio show Car Talk/ Driving Loafers/ Fruit Bliss dried fruit/ Soy Crisps/ Cabot reduced fat cheese

Fruit Bliss: A different kind of dried fruit!

Dried fruit is the perfect healthy purse stable/ car stable snack. It can deal with a few less than ideal temperatures and provide quick energy with filling fiber. Plus it has the power to stop you from making bad fast food choices in desperation. The problem? It’s not easy to find individual serving containers with a ‘love it’ texture.

Fruit Bliss not only has the most adorable individual portion packaging (all under 110 calories per serving), but they are the only company I’ve found to date with a soft texture like this.  Fruit Bliss comes in three flavors: fig (you know I’m all over that), apricot (cold fighting vitamin C!), and plum. There’s also a mixed party bag if you’re the kind of girl who wants it all. By re-hydrating the dried fruit with water, it becomes a softer version of a ‘fruit snack’.

While I’ve always been a fan of dried fruit, the husband says no thanks when I offer…or he pretends to throw up. It really depends. But with Fruit Bliss, I’m pretty sure he would hide all of the apricots for himself. As for the figs, and I’ve tried a lot, these are the best dried ones I’ve had. One problem we did encounter were the dried plums. Because they are so moist, they become one big dried plum mass in the package. No big deal, but you will need napkins. And don’t try to eat them when driving.

What’s your favorite dried fruit? Your road trip must haves?


Disclaimer: Fruit Bliss sent me their product for free but did not compensate me for writing this post. Opinions are my own.