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Make Your Own Gummies Kit

Cooking, Food DesignCarlene

There's something about the holidays that makes us all total sugar junkies. Do too many encounters with distant, slightly awkward relatives have that effect on the body?  And while you could totally run to the store and buy some stale candy canes, why not actually enjoy what you're purchasing? Perhaps something sustainable, made with natural food dyes, and that you can make as a project? This make your own gummies kit from Verve Inc (Glee Gum) is the perfect project with friends or little ones!

While most gummy candies are derived from animal products, this kit uses sustainable, vegetable based seaweed. The pink color is without offensive red 40, and made with beets.  The project kit is a fun science experiment. Unlike the animal gelatin, algae is thermally reversible, so after it hardens you can re-heat and mold again.  You have the power to make whatever shape gummies you want, from gems to tiny fish or whatever you have lying around. I used the back of spoons for a large balloon shape. The directions are pretty clear, but I wish there were drawings or photos, especially for the mold making process.



These gummies have a fruity taste with a sour coating, which makes them even more addicting. If we're being honest here, the husband kept adding more of the sour.

The make your own candy kid is a great gift for kids. Lucky for you, Glee is offering a 30% off holiday sale on the kits when you buy 3. Visit the Make Your Own Candy Kits page to learn about the make your own chocolate and gum kits.

Disclaimer: Glee sent me this product gratis. They are such sweetie pies. But this review is my own words and I was not compensated for writing this post.