Just home from a year of college I was looking at my enormous pile of clothes. In front of me was a tangerine sweater, blueberry  shorts, and a lime t-shirt (Yes, I describe colors in terms of food). I got to thinking... people find nutrition overwhelming but they already know the basics. Nutrition is in fact quite similar to fashion.

You have every color of accessory imaginable; do the same for your diet:

In order to get all the nutrients your body needs, eat different colors of foods  throughout the week. For example, eat a green vegetable for lunch, a red one  for dinner, and the next day try an orange vegetable. If you’re really up for a  challenge, see if you can eat a fruit or vegetable that fits each color of the rainbow within the week.

It’s a new season, so change your wardrobe:

Some foods taste best when they are in season as nature intended. Nothing beats  a summer tomato or a fall squash. In season foods are more nutrient dense, not to  mention less expensive, than artificially ripened off -season ones. Here's what's in season now.

Mix and match:

This is a great way to learn to love new foods. You don’t always wear your navy  blue headband with your white sweater; that would get boring. Variety is the spice of life! Pair a food you are unsure of with something you know you love. For example, turnips:the nightmare of every child. If you know you love carrots, chop them up together and roast them in the oven with a little olive oil and salt. If you want your to try to get your roommates to try something new pair jicama (a crisp root veggie) with celery, broccoli, and tomatoes on a dip dish.

Share outfits with your friend:

A friend may know a tasty way to cook fish that you never would have thought of (Omega-3 fatty acids are good for your heart girls! Learn to love fish.). You could also help them learn to love a new dish. Host a recipe party and have each guest bring their favorite dish with enough copies of the recipe for all.

Shop Online:

The joy of the Internet; online window-shopping! There are several fabulous websites for free recipes. FoodNetwork.com is very easy to navigate with categories such as :  Quick and Easy, Chef Recipes, and Holiday Parties. My  personal go-to  site is Recipezaar.com where other cooks can make suggestions or  reviews of the recipe. Learn from their mistakes! On the hunt for the perfect way to make French macarons (particularly tricky) I’m  looking up common problems and solutions too.

Skip the major trends:

Remember when the side pony tail and the fanny-pack were hot? That was a trend seared into my memory. Heard of the Dukan diet or juice fasts? Also trends. The commonality here is that they are all bad should be skipped. Stick with the classics like a pencil skirt, and for food, stick with your fruits, veggies, whole grains, and learn proteins. That way you'll always be in Vogue.

What else can you learn from your closet?