This past weekend didn't yield much relaxation. There's always next weekend for sleeping in. Or coffee. DIY Painted Utensils: A few weeks ago I had seen a fun DIY on Pinterest. Isn't that how the story always starts? Anyway, using mismatched utensils, the idea was to paint the handles interesting colors for parties, or in my case food photos. Unfortunately I don't really 'do' curly frilly utensils, let alone have any rogue ones. But while finally unpacking the last of our storage unit, the husband found his Great Grandma's random, perfectly frilly utensils.

Boba Bubble Tea: I love tapioca. When I was at the international market this past week, these large rainbow tapioca pearls caught my eye. And made me wish it was Spring. Instead of making a typical tapioca pudding, I tried my hand at making bubble tea which is super rare to find on the east cost. I can't get it just right yet, but soon I'll figure it out and post it on the blog.

Bridal Show & Custom Table: On Saturday I spent the day at a bridal show in horse country meeting newly engaged couples. I met one of the ladies from Dandelion Patch and a make up artist who works on the Hill and in the Kennedy Center. I love meeting other wedding related people! For the event the husband made a custom table that I'll use for my office. Like he had a zillion pieces of wood and, POOF now it's a table. It's a bright kelly green called 'formal garden' by Behr. It was covered in lots of white flowers and some black and white gumballs for post-tasting with the Purple Onion catering.

Chia Drink: One of the latest products I've been sent to test is Drink Chia . It comes in some very cool flavors like meyer lemon, honey suckle pear and strawberry citrus. If you like bubble tea you'll love this. The husband said he felt like he needed to chew it, but it goes down smoothly. Packed with omega 3's it's heart healthy making it perfect for heart health month.

What did you do this weekend?