It's odd to have been blogging so long and realize I don't share much about my life. One of my goals this year is to let you all see behind the scenes of Healthfully Ever After. Since finding crack cocaine in my attic, I think there's some promising, mildly entertaining pieces I can share with you.

Succulents and Orchids: This weekend I repotted my neglected orchids, purchased a tiny purple Mermaid variety and now they're all cozy in a big glass hurricane jar on the brass coffee table. Succulents have also intrigued me, so while at Home Depot (We're renovating a house remember. We're there frequently.), there was a ridiculously inexpensive variety of succulents. We bought several and potted them in an antique pewter pedestal dish.

Wegmans Candy Aisle: I don't have candy in the house. Like ever. The bulk candy sections at groceries are perfect for portion control, so we can buy a few pieces instead of a whole bag. Chocolate gold coins and peanut butter chocolate hearts were procured.

Wedding Wellness: January has proved to me that wedding wellness and working with brides is where I'm supposed to be in life. When I have a session with a bride and she tells me I've made her so excited to start making healthy doesn't get better than that. I can thrive off that for days. I adore my clients. And I also have some very, very exciting news to share....but not quite yet.

British Comedy: From BBC's Black Adder to Fawlty Towers and everything in between, I love British comedies. My favorite writer is early 1900's P.G. Wodehouse and his Jeeves and Wooster series. The only problem is once the writer is dead and they've filmed all the TV versions they can, I'm at a loss. Husband researched more P.G. Wodehouse and found the Psmith series. Thank goodness.

Recipe Testing: This spring I'm doing a cooking demo...on front of hundreds of other dietitians. I'm working with the South East Dairy and Mid Atlantic Dairy associations (Northern VA = regional limbo) to do a session on lactose free milk. My recipe? I'm whipping up something of my own design which means tons of trials and error, notes splashed with custard...but it will be delicious.

Cat Pedicures: For some reason the felines have taken to tearing down the wood halls with their claws out at 2 am. Noisy fur balls. So everyone had their cat nails trimmed. I made it out surprisingly scratch free, but Cashew (above) is the smallest and scrappiest.

Have a healthy rest of the week!