It's officially wedding season! Since we live down the street from an in demand reception location, I'm excited to see the weddings being photographed and hear what the bands play into the night. I know many of you who are in the midst of planning a wedding or shopping for friends can sometimes feel overwhelmed in the kitchen department. And some of you get  little trigger happy when registering. Honestly, do you need the chicken shaped timer? No. So I've selected my personal favorite kitchen items, nothing frivolous and space clogging, to help you start a dream healthy kitchen post honeymoon or for those of you not in white, anytime! Click through the above slides (if you're in a reader, click to the website) and see the list below:

Healthy Wedding Registry Kitchen Tools

  1. Double Sided Measuring Spoons: Measuring oils is really important in a healthy kitchen. Sure, it's tempting to just pour straight into a pan, but studies have found we WAY underestimate the actual amount of oil we use. I also love this set of spoons because it has a oval side, making it easy to get into skinny jars.
  2. Kitchenaid Standing Mixer: I use my mixer often! I actually hardly ever buy bread from the grocery any more because I've figured out a whole wheat recipe I can do at home without the gross additives. It's also great for whipping egg whites which add major volume to a dish without the added calories.
  3. Soda Stream: Okay, I got this for my own bridal shower and I am obsessed with it. It is an eco friendly way to have club soda at home! If you think you like soda for the bubbles, get a soda stream and get rid of the added sugar of sodas.
  4. Cuisinart Food Processor: I never thought I wanted another piece of kitchen equipment until my Grandma schooled me in food processor-ing. It's great for making cole slaw, broccoli slaw, chopping veggies to make veggie burgers, or bringing together a dressing. It's also a fast way to crush nuts for protein, healthy fat and texture over a salad or parfait.
  5. Glass Storage Containers: Skip the plastic which won't hold up (and never microwave in it). These locking lids and clear sides make it spill proof and easy to see (and use) leftovers. We are more likely to pick healthy snacks in the fridge if we can see them!
  6. Silpat: God bless the silpat. If you want anything to NOT stick in the oven, you need this. I love it for roasting veggies or making dehydrated fruit/veg.
  7. Gold Flatware: Alright, not crucial for a healthy kitchen, but I think it's really important to love your every day things.If you love your dishes etc you're going to slow down and enjoy eating, not OVER eat.
  8. Corningware Baking Dishes: This set nests, saving you on storage space. With a variety of sizes, you won't have to 'over bake' amounts of food.
  9. Spatula: A sturdy spatula can actually save you money. Really scrape down the sides of containers or dishes to eliminate scrubbing while doing dishes and getting that extra tablespoon or two of peanut butter.
  10. Small Stock Pot & Steam Basket: Steaming veggies is one of the healthier cooking methods. It doesn't requite loads of butter or coconut oil. It cooks them without making them soggy if you keep an eye on them. The pot itself is perfect for making a veggie soup with beans to make it creamy and thick.
  11. Mini Springform Pans: Springform pans mean whatever you're baking will keep the original perfect shape. These are also great for doing pies or quiches that don't have the crust going up the sides. Plus you can avoid heavily greasing something to make it come out easier.
  12. Chef's Knife: This is my most often used knife. You don't need a million shapes and sizes. The chef knife is versatile for, most importantly chopping veggies!
  13. Marble Slab: You don't need one. But I will say, it's great if you're rolling out dough because you don't have to add extra flour to keep it from sticking. And it looks good in food photos.
  14. Calphalon Baking Sheets: These are great pans. They wear well and I use them for baking fish, roasting veggies, and making fruit leather.
  15. Milk Frother: If you are spending more than 100 dollars a month on Starbucks, please buy this. Frothing your milk when you make coffee at home adds a big level of glamor that you feel like you're missing.
  16. Keurig:I was a die hard French Press girl/snob. But the convenience of having quick brew coffee, very hot, is awesome. It's also great for hot water and lemon. A quick word though. I absolutely hate the wasteful pods. So much trash. I have a refillable basket instead that I can add my own grounds to.
  17. Large Colander: Rinse beans, wash produce and do it without having any fall down the sink. Boom.
  18. Copper Mini colander: This is kind of  a sentimental one for me. My family had this when I was growing up. It's just right for berries (antioxidants!) or rinsing quinoa.
  19. Kate Spade Gem Bottle Stopper: Gotta have a bottle stopper to be a good hostess. Perfect for antioxidant rich wine...and prosecco..tehe.

What's something you LOVE using in your kitchen? What was the worst kitchen gift you received? 

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Carlene Signature Block