So you're engaged, now where do you even start with a registry for the wedding? How do you make sure you're setting yourself and your new family up for a healthy, organized and happy life and NOT a cluttered home? While it should never be all about the gifts, people love to shop for newlyweds! Seriously. All you need are some ideas to get you started...and of course, in the spirit of wedding wellness, you need healthy kitchen picks on your wedding registry all for $100 or less.

Williams-Sonoma Wedding Registry is the perfect place to start if you're a kitchen girl. And yes, it can be overwhelming to browse the site that runneth over with everything under the sun, but Williams-Sonoma has something for everyone: the bride who likes to bake, organize, juice and my personal favorite: their new Open Kitchen collection which pulls inspiration from the tools chefs really use with clean lines and quality. To create a registry where you get:

  • your own personal consultant
  • a discount on cooking classes
  • 10% off what you didn't get from your registry for 6 months post wedding
  • a chance to win $5,000 to the shop plus weekly prizes from KitchenAid, Le Creuset, Wusthof and more. Just click 'dream registry sweepstakes' after creating your own registry!

Just go to the Williams-Sonoma Registry page, scroll down and click 'create a registry' and click 'dream registry sweepstakes' after creating your own!

Williams-sonoma wedding registry, healthy kitchen items under 100: Enter to win $5000 to WS!

Big ticket items:

  • Immersion blender: I use mine constantly for soups and sauces. It lets you blend without having to mess up a blender. The secret for creamy soups with less calories? Adding veggies and pureeing with this lovely gadget! 
  • Soda Stream Soda Maker: Possibly my most favorite bridal shower gift I received. I'm obsessed with sparkling waters so this way I can stay hydrated at home without having to recycle all those seltzer bottles. It also makes sure you have the perfect mixer for a clean and simple skinny cocktail at home. My go to is seltzer with lemon and vodka or gin with an herb (whatever is in season!). 
  • Open Kitchen Santoku Knife: This is without a doubt my most used type of knife in the kitchen. It's the perfect size for slicing, dicing and chopping produce. Although, let's be honest, it also cuts through chocolate pretty well. 
  • Breville Juice Fountain Compact: Okay, really, really important...this is NOT for you if you are not already into juicing/purchasing juice. Please don't buy something that takes up space that you realistically won't use. However, if you're a frequent flyer with the juice bar down the street, learn to juice at home to create your own personal blend and save some cash. 
  • Vertical Microgreen Planter: Studies show having plants in your house improves air quality and decreases stress. Microgreens that you can hang on your wall? YES. Microgreens are great for adding on top of pastas, sandwiches...basically anything for a pretty little kick of veggie. 


Williams-Sonoma healthy wedding registry kitchen items under $50: Enter to win $5000 to WS!!! 

Everyday Wonderful Under $50

  • Measuring Cups: Stainless steel will hold up forever and measuring cups are crucial for cooking at home. They're also a great tool for learning portion sizes.  
  • Stainless Steel Measuring Spoons: No explanation necessary. 
  • Julianne Peeler: Another gem from the Open Kitchen collection. Make eating veggies fun by turning them into noodle-like slaw! Half the battle of eating more veggies is making them interesting. 
  • 10 Piece Glass Mixing Bowl Set: Made in the USA, stackable for easy storage and you can work with them in hot or cold situations. I have a set of 3 that I always have on hand for mixing up a salad or granola. 
  • Aerolate Milk Frother: Another tool that few people have but I use every morning. I'm a coffee lover, and each day I make myself a skim milk latte at home. My secret? THIS! It whips skim milk into a beautiful coffee house froth and doesn't require other toppings to help the coffee shine (eg. whipped cream, sugar, syrups...)
  • Set of 12 Weck Jars: Bless the Mason jar, but I'm a Weck lover at heart. These German glass jars have wide mouths so they're easy to fill, but they're perfect for storage! Keep your pantry pretty with these heirloom worthy containers. 
  • Goldtouch Perforated French Bread Pan- Make whole wheat or gluten free baguettes at home without the 'junk' in most grocery breads. This pan gives bread the crisp crust and perfect shape. 
  • Open Kitchen Beechwood Short Spoon- This short handle spoon mimics my go to for stovetop work. I hate long handle tools! Too unwieldy for a short person like me. 
  • Glass Storage Containers: No plastic leeching here! Glass is best for storing pre-washed and pre-cut produce. Studies show we're more likely to eat snacks we can SEE. 
  • Silpat Cookie Sheets: Remove gluten free desserts like meringues SO EASILY and make fruit leather in a snap.
  • Open Kitchen Set of 4 Salad Plates: Research shows that decreasing plate size can help you lose weight. With large American plates, most of us over-serve ourselves and end up cleaning the entire plate! SALAD plates, like these, take some getting used to but should be the size you're eating off of on a daily basis. 
  • OXO Veggie Steamer: Besides raw, steaming veggies is the healthiest cooking method. It's a great starting point to almost any dish!
  • Salter Food Scale: i'm not a fan of weighing food...I think it's a little obsessive and can lead to some dangerous habits. However, recipes are way more accurate when they're done by weight. This is perfect if you're making gluten free recipes (which require lots of weighing) or if you're cooking from a European (or honestly anywhere but the US) recipe. This little guy is small and easy to store.
  • Microplane Citrus Zester: Flavor with less calories with citrus zest! It brightens foods like fish or veggies or even berries.

What's your favorite Williams-Sonoma kitchen tool? Have you taken any of their classes?


/// Disclosure: This post is sponsored  by Williams Sonoma- a brand I love, trust and lust over for kitchen tools! ///

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