Healthy hydration is a great habit to start this January. For some that means initial small steps like cutting out soda (Including diet soda- sorry guys, it's still not good for you!) or for others that means being smarter about bringing water, tea or non-dessert coffee (whipped cream, oodles of sugar...) with you on the go.  But to make that happen, you need the right container. That means a thermos that will hold heat, won't leak and is free of grossness like BPA.  Luckily, such a thermos does exist: the SIGG Thermo collection. 

SIGG thermal arctic collection 
SIGG thermal arctic collection 
SIGG thermal arctic collection 

I've been a fan of SIGG for a while for their Classic collection of water bottles.  As a Swiss company, their products are all clean lines, ecologically sound and easy to clean (bless those Swiss).  Many reusable water bottles and thermoses are either tacky (just keeping it real) or poor quality and you need to replace them far too soon. That just won't fly with me any more. The husband has had his same SIGG water bottle for about five years now… it's sitting on the counter as I type! It's just a testament that sometimes simple is better. 

So, more about the thermos in particular. I have had a slew of thermoses in my life as an avid coffee drinker and someone who is a heat seeking missile in the winter months. To keep it real, I need to get rid of the ones that are clogging my cabinets! The main problems I've encountered with other bottles is the leaking and inability to clean all aspects of the container. Know why that's my biggest complaint? Becauese I am a MESS! It's a law of nature that when I am wearing a light colored outfit I will absolutely spill on myself. And since I am using said thermos I'm usually driving somewhere…and showing up with that lovely stain (Side note: if this sounds like you,  you need to invest in a Tide stain stick to keep in your purse. THE BEST.). 

This SIGG model is the Thermo Classic Teal.  It comes in several sizes from 0.3 L to 1 L. This large size also has the benefit of a cup that is built into the thermos, nesting at the bottom. Alternatively, you can sip from the top without having to deal with an annoying and usually faulty sliding mechanism (that's where I spill). The smaller sizes on the other hand, have a built in tea strainer (seriously!). Because it's made from stainless steel your drink has no odd taste or chemical leaching from plastic. Whatever size you pick, your beverage will stay warm up to eight hours. What more can you really ask for?


Have you used SIGG products? How do you keep your beverages warm in the winter? 


///Dislcosure: SIGG contacted me and sent me this sample. I am not being compensated for sharing my thoughts./// 

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