Target has really morphed into a style powerhouse over the last few years. To the point where, at any given point in my Twitter feed, I can see someone lamenting the fact that they went in to Target for bug spray and came out with a chair, office supplies and three dresses. With designer collaborations, the cult shopping that is Tar-jay is always new and different. With the FEED collaboration, not only are you getting the designer label for way less, but each purchase goes to feeding Americans in need. The best part? Each purchase estimates the number of meals the product provides.

Here are my top picks from the Target FEED collection:  



1. kitchen towels: the preference in my house is for linen style kitchen towels that don't trap dust and fur. While these are kind of loud for my taste, I like the colors.  

2. throws and blankets: I always need a blanket nearby a bed or couch for snuggling purposes. Again, the colors appeal to me and they would be perfect to leave in the car for impromptu picnics. 

3. pie plates: without actually testing these out, these are my favorite product from the FEED line. The heavy enamel with Americana colors is just right for a pie. My concern is the raised lettering inside...and how hard it would be to clean pie crust off of it. 

4. polkadot casserole dish:  the next time you need to bring a dish to an event, bring it as is! No transfer to a cute platter needed. 


You've likely noticed that none of my picks include clothing or accessories from the line. And honestly it's because I don't like them. At all. Unless you're in the wild, it's a little 90's grungy summer camp. And I did that phase, in the 90's, and I'm done.  

What do you think of FEED? Love it? Hate it?  


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