Love dessert, have allergies or live a vegan life? Meet Wink! 

I met the Wink crew during Expo East in passing. It was kind of a 'this sounds cool, send me info...I'm suspicious because this product sounds too good to be true'. And then the package of Wink came in the mail. I read the labels. I tasted with my taste tester (who really, really, really likes sweets)... and I realized that this product is honest to goodness great.   


Screen Shot 2013-10-08 at 3.20.42 PM.png


Thoughts on Wink:

  • It's virtually allergen free, meaning all of my clients who are allergic to gluten, soy, nuts, dairy, eggs...are good to go!
  • It's vegan. Now vegans have a go to frozen dessert option.
  • It's 25 calories per serving...100 calories if you eat the entire pint. Let me say I'm not a calories girl. I don't count calories, I don't encourage my clients to count calories...I'm a big picture, healthy lifestyle girl but I feel this is worth mentioning. Somehow Wink managed to pull of a sweet and creamy dessert with minimal calories that tastes good. I'm into it.
  • Don't expect ice cream or you will be very disappointed. Wink= frozen dessert. When I first opened the carton I had concerns. It looked icy, it was hard to scoop...but it had just come out of a dry ice box! In a regular freezer, let it sit out for a minute before you scoop for an almost sorbet like texture.  
  • It's sugar free and does NOT have sugar alcohols. YES-YES-YES! So excited I can eat this! They do use stevia/monk fruit/agave so it's not 'sweetener' free, but there are no creepy science lab sweeteners in this carton. 
  • The packaging could use some work if I'm being honest. The package is busy and the colors are muddy (especially on the mint chocolate)...but I think the little scoop is cute. When design husband and I talked about this we both agreed we would love to see Wink move in a more simple, plenty of white space design. Save some printing costs. 
  • Wink has amazing flavors. Iced latte, choco mint, cake batter, cinnamon bun and cocoa dough are right up my alley. Cake batter and cinnamon bun where my favorites. 


Delicious wisdom: This makes an amazing 'milk/milk alternative-shake'. Crazy good!!! Add skim milk/almond milk/coconut milk/rice milk to a serving and enjoy!



Disclosure: Wink sent me this goodness. They didn't compensate me for talking about it or pressure me into silence if I hated it.   

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