This weekend we're celebrating our two year wedding anniversary. One of the stops on our 'fun list' is a hidden gem in Northern Virginia: an orchid greenhouse shop. Tucked away, the nursery is a jaw dropping tropical oasis. There are orchids hanging from the rafters and covering every square inch. And it's not just those white orchids you see in every lobby...we're talking yellows, greens, miniatures, hybrids. Look for yourself! 

For some reason, growing orchids was a hobby of mine in high school and college (I also wanted to be an orthodontist in elementary school so, go figure). I had a handful of beauties that totally thrived. And then I left them with my parents and they all died. So it's time to replenish the collection...fitting for Victorian home. 

Orchids are actually fairly easy to raise once you get the hang of why not make a day of it and build your own orchid terrarium? 

DIY terrarium and orchid party.jpg

How to Have a DIY Orchid Terrarium Party 

Do you have orchids? What's your house plant of choice? 


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