Oh woosh. I am elated it's Friday. It's been a week of 4:30 AM starts and every waking moment packed with consults and projects. I haven't even had a chance to READ. I have an unopened Saveur and Martha Stewart Living in my house. WHO AM I?! But in reality,  I'm so happy to have so many wonderful things happening in my life after such a you-know-what series of 3 bad luck events last week (car died- borrowed car windshield cracked- husband's glasses snapped in half). On the super positive side, I found out yesterday that I'll be part of a group of amazing dietitians who are speaking at FNCE in the fall. FNCE is the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics yearly national meeting for registered dietitians. It's always been on my career bucket list to present...I just didn't think it would happen at age 25. 

This week's Friday Fête is all about one of the ways I relax on the weekends: by baking bread. Baking bread is a great group activity since there's a lot of down time waiting for the dough to rise. And there are a ton of recipes to use! But if you're not so comfortable making bread, I highly recommend taking a class in Northern Virginia from Knead and Know. Melinda, the baker behind the classes, is a ton of fun and her bread is to die for. I can't wait to sign up for a class of my own. Below is your inspiration for making this happen this weekend.

bread baking party 

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