I'm pretty sure by this point, everyone and their mother knows that it's pumpkin season. The PSLs are all over Instagram. Pumpkin beer is highlighted. And you can actually buy pumpkins everywhere from the farmers market to Target. While I do love pumpkin as a flavor...I like it even more in it's vegetation form. I like roasted pumpkin, the seeds, and yes, I like them on my porch too.  Today's Friday Fete is inspiring you to move beyond the pumpkin spice latte and enjoy the true fall pumpkin feel. 



How to Enjoy Real Fall Pumpkins

  • Invite the crew over and put their place cards on tiny white pumpkins for them to take home. Everyone needs a little bit of fall, front porch or not. (via Wedding Chicks)
  • Make soup or a pot pie with pumpkin, in a pumpkin. GAH. Brilliant. (via Apollinas) 
  • Don't you dare throw out the pumpkin seeds. Not only are they good for you, you can roast them with a ton of variations. (via Butter than Toast) 
  • Make pumpkin pasta. (via Whole Living)
  • You don't need to wear orange to be fall pumpkin inspired. These tortoiseshell earring studs are right up my alley.  
  • Set your table like this event I attended for Kinfolk. Use burlap. make a greenery garland. And definitely use baskets.  
  • Outfit=layers. Have a button up that's more...vibrant? or perhaps more patterned than you're comfortable with? Layer it under a neutral sweater.  


This weekend we're enjoying fall the same way we've done fall forever. We're going to a colonial arts and historic home tour festival: The Waterford Fair. If you're in the Northern VA area, it's worth the trip for the houses and amazing hand crafted items. Do you know what a Shaker box is? A windsor chair? AMAZING things. 


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