Now that Memorial Day has kicked off pool season, many a luxurious afternoon will be spent by the water. While I'm not much of a pool girl (what up canoes) and being married to a beach snob husband doesn't lend itself to weekend trips (oh haaay family Caribbean white beaches)...the idea of general outdoor lounging is perfection to me. Here's how to make a chic pool party a it pool side or not. 

Friday Fete How To...Throw a Pool Party!

Find a chic swimsuit that's more about amazing cut and color than string. I'm thinking gingham suits. Put in earrings with a bit of whimsy that won't get in the way like these C.Wonder oyster and pearl studs. For the moments you simply have to step away from the yard, a pair of trusty Jack Rogers will be by your side for years to come. Provide a basket of towels for guests that serve as additional decoration. Turkish striped and fringed towels are perfect pool side. Serve bloody mary's with pickled veggies and rimmed smoked salt glasses. Make meals simple and toss some lobsters on the grill with corn on the cob and a big bowl of melon on the side. 


Shop the fete below// I LIVE in my Jack Rogers, so if you're thinking about getting them. Do it. Mine have lasted at least 4 years.

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