Summer evenings on the East Coast are what we live for. Humid as hell during the day, but as soon as the sun starts to go down, the yard is perfect for lawn games. Bocce, or lawn bowling, is my favorite, but I've rounded up links from everything from massive yard chess to horseshoes at the end of this post. At my wedding we even made huge wooden dice for lawn Yahtzee. Yes, things got intense. 


How to...Throw a Lawn Games Party

Several games already set up are a must. There are tons of styles of bocce balls. I've seen metallic or polkadot bocce. Large wooden dice are not only a fun display, but they can be used for several games. String lights from the trees so you can play games well into the night. A large tub of pre-mixed drinks or artisan sodas (I love DRY soda) make hostessing easy when paired with fresh berries in cones to go or Curvy Carrot's grilled veggies on baguettes. As for the outfit, my go to is J. Crew shorts with a popover or button up and a loose knit sweater for when the sun goes down. Pick gold glitter Sperry Topsiders over flipflops for intense lawn play. 



I've rounded up a slew of lawn games below// get inspired!

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