Konjac: a Japanese vegetable that not only is used to make zero calorie noodles, but also used as the latest beauty product! I got a tweet from a friend asking if I knew the scoop on the Konjac beauty sponge, so of course I had to do some digging. Vegetable + beauty product? Obviously I'm in. 

Konjac, in beauty product form, is currently the latest thing in body and face washing (but has been around for thousands of years). The fibers from the root vegetable are molded into a half sphere for exfoliation and is touted for its ability to balance your skin's acidity. The two brands on the US market I've seen the most also infuse other benefits into the sponge like lycopene, charcoal, green tea or a slew of B vitamins. 

Screen Shot 2014-02-23 at 1.11.11 PM.png

Curious? You can get the lycopene, charcoal or green tea infused sponge from Anthropologie (seen above) for $8.50 or you can get the 'upscale' version from Sephora for about double that. As someone who loves dry-brushing, I feel like a konjac sponge is a logical addition to my routine. Have you tried one?


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