Virginia loves a tradition. So really, it was no surprise that on the weekend of our second wedding anniversary it flat out poured for days on end...and the sun finally came out today. Right on time. 

I really almost feel silly sharing how we are celebrating. I constantly see other bloggers showing crazy anniversary trips, over the top gifts or in generally very traditionally romantic gestures. Even the calls and texts I've had this morning all ask "What are you guys going to do today to celebrate?!".  And for a second I feel guilty (also, thank you for all of the messages!). Are we supposed to go do something huge? Geeze, should I be instagramming a massive bouquet right now? But to be honest, that's not how we are as a couple. We aren't over the top. We aren't gooey romantic. We would rather put money into renovating the house than a hotel room. Or a living plant that lasts years than a bouquet of roses that don't even strike my fancy and only last a few days.  And I think I'm finally okay with being the practical and low key couple, even if other people think it should be different.

The bottom line is you marry someone who gets you. And we had a great, low-key, practical Thomas family weekend filled with lots of food. Here are some of my favorite parts of wedding anniversary weekend (#2).  


We stopped by my favorite orchid green house and got lost in the greenery. We brought home this green and white Lady Slipper variety. Each bloom lasts 10 weeks. I'm in love. 


I am not a cupcake girl, but i knew we had to try out the new bakery a fellow food loving friend recommended. The shop is known for its vegan and gluten free varieties...and let's face it, I needed/wanted to know if this was a place I could recommend to brides looking for vegan desserts. They are better than 95% of the 'regular' cupcakes I've ever had. If you're in Northern VA, go check out Sweetz Bakery.  

We also went to the farmers market for amazing pickles and bread. We ate at our favorite restaurant of all time. We went to our favorite antique shops. We watched our football teams and snuggled on the couch with the fur children (and then had our souls crushed yet again by the Washington Redskins).

And today, on the actual day....we're not sure how we'll spend the rest of our second anniversary. And I think that's okay too. 


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